Discovering Dublin & Jameson Whiskey: Part 1

The Jameson St Patrick's Day Ltd Edition bottling, designed by David A Smith.
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St Patrick’s Day tipple: Black Bush Whiskey

Discovering Bushmills Black Bush whiskey for St Paddy's Day.
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Whisky Women & Int’l Women’s Day: Part 2

International Women's Day is about celebrating those wonderful, inspiring women around the world.

Luck and greatness of the Irish (Whiskey)

A single pot still tasting extravaganza happened on Twitter of late!

Life in The Capital with Cesar Da Silva

People who work in the whisky industry are generally very proud of what they do. From the master distillers to master blenders, brand ambassadors and sales teams, everyone employed in this business tends to be in it because they love the spirit.

But one of the proudest people I have met of late has to be Cesar Da Silva, who heads up the bar at The Capital hotel in Knightsbridge, which offers a mixture of between 60-70 rare old bottlings and standard whiskies to its guests. For the past 17 years, Cesar has been living and breathing whisky and – during a recent interview – he showed no signs of changing that trajectory.

Cesar is well known within the whisky industry for being the youngest ever person to be initiated as a Keeper of the Quaich – the society that recognises those individuals who are dedicated to promoting the heritage and quality of Scotch. When we met at the bar, the badge he received in honour of it was clearly displayed on his jacket lapel.

“For whisky and the trade, it is my proudest achievement. When I got the notice, I did not have words to say. I was really proud but I was also very respectful of the industry inviting me,” he said, saying this honour even beat winning the Campari Bartender of the Year award in 2004.

I visited The Capital to speak to Cesar because it was one of those places I’d not come across very frequently during my whisky journey.  I was, therefore, keen to learn about the man behind the bar.

Cesar’s story begins nearly 20 years ago, when he first came to London as a 17-year old in 1996, after leaving his home [...]

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Megan Kenny

Megan Kenny, Brand Ambassador, Jameson Irish Whiskey
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Rockin’ Around the Whisky Tree with Jack Daniels

I join the Jack Daniel's crew at the light-up of a whisky barrel Christmas tree.
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The Whisky Lounge: Celebrating 10 years

I speak to The Whisky Lounge's Eddie Ludlow ahead of the company's 10th anniversary.
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Casking the spirit of Victoria

I head out west to check out the craft distilling scene, epitomised in Victoria, B.C. outift Victoria Spirits

Where were you when? Bowmore – 1985

What went on in 1985? Many things, including the casking of the new vintage release from Bowmore!
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