Ian Buxton on whisky, writing and investment

Whisky writer Ian Buxton speaks to Miss Whisky about his new book and life in the industry.

Talking to Talisker

Mark Lochhead, Talisker's distillery manager, speaks on whisky & change.

Flight of the Whiskybees: Jim Beam Honey

A buzzing atmosphere awaited at the launch of Jim Beam Honey.
May 7th, 2012|Reviews|0 Comments|

Under an Irish whiskey spell

Irish Whiskies lined up for the tasting, post fab history lesson from Barry Crockett.
March 28th, 2012|Events, Features, Reviews|1 Comment|

A Squad of Whisky Lovers

Whisky Squad takes its tastings seriously...in that laid-back, everyone's welcome sort of way!
March 12th, 2012|Events, Features|0 Comments|