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The Balvenie Tun 1401: Batch 8

The Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 8 Whisky
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The Balvenie Fete: celebrating craftspeople & craft whisky

*Update: Tickets are NOW available for events at the Balvenie Fete. The Miss Whisky session takes place on 15 June at 3pm. Details can be found here and tickets can be bought here.*

When I was a kid, my local community hall hosted something called “Stitch ‘n Bitch” for anyone who was keen on a bit of sewing and gossip. Each year, the group would create a big quilt to raffle off and raise funds for the community, with us kids helping to add our bit of style design when possible.

While it wasn’t monumental – things like this were hosted in many small Canadian towns and I’m sure, English ones too – the coming together of community to create something crafty was, in its small way, a chance to build community spirit and put in public the handiwork that many people would otherwise have kept behind closed doors in the home.

I have always appreciated people who are skilled at creating handmade items. My father had a workshop on our farm and created beautiful woodwork jewelry boxes, cabinets, and more; I use a chopping board in my kitchen that he made back in the early ’90s which is still going strong.

Equally, it’s hard to not admit that times are, of course, changing and have been for a while. We are seeing less and less craft-work as our consumer appetites are satiated with imported clothes, furnishings and electronics. I’m no exception of course. I happily gobble these things up as easily as the next person.

But, I am also very appreciative of well-made items that take individual skill and time due to my childhood exposure to this world. And that’s why I’m a big fan of The Balvenie [...]

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The Balvenie: Single Barrel 12 year old

The new Balvenie 12 year old first fill single barrel.
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Michelle Myron

Glenfiddich tour guide & whisky tours business owner Michelle Myron speaks about life in whisky.
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Burns Night: Where to celebrate

Where are you heading to celebrate Robert Burns? Find out some options here!
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The Queen of Victoria’s Whisky Festivals

I find out the history of the Victoria Whisky Festival in this interview with founder Iain Hooey.

Drams of 2012: Part 1


It frightens me to write this post. It really does. How – I wonder – is 2012 almost nearing its end?

The year has gone so quickly and the drams have kept on coming. As such, I thought I’d look back at this year of whisky greatness to choose my favourite drams of the past 12 months.

While most lists put together the top 5 or top 10, I’m going somewhere in between and choosing my top 7 drams.

But the question is, do you agree?

I want to know if you’ve tried these drams (or if you’re keen to) and – if the former – what you thought of them. Did you taste others that beat these ones? Get in touch on Twitter (@themisswhisky), in the Comment section below or on email at – and let me know what drams really rocked your 2012.

Without further adieu, here are my first four favourite drams (in order of when this year I sampled them):

Dram #1. – Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy: 46%:

I managed the chance to try this whiskey twice this year – once at an Irish tasting with The Whisky Exchange back in March, and the second time at a dinner (again with The Whisky Exchange) in September. It really stands out in my mind as a perfect all-rounder and a showcase as to why whisky (or, in this case, whiskey) doesn’t only have to come from Scotland to be dram good.

The first time I sampled it, I said the following:

“This was an exceptionally interesting dram to me, especially because it was near the end of the tasting when I find my nose and tastebuds numbing slightly. Notes of citrus fruit, black pepper, lime, crunchy Granny Smith [...]

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Balvenie DoubleWood: 17

How does the DoubleWood 17 compare to the DoubleWood 12? I try the new version here.
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The Whisky Exchange Show 2012

I discover loads of new drams & catch up with the whisky community at the TWE Show.
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A taste of greatness: Whisky Show dinner

I try whisky and Indian food pairings at Bombay Brasserie with The Whisky Exchange.
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