Glen Garioch: Finding a new gem

Glen Garioch: one of the oldest whisky disitlleries in the Scotland.
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International Women’s Day: Stories of Inspiring Women

Readers share their stories of the women that inspire them

Whisky Women & Int’l Women’s Day: Part 2

International Women's Day is about celebrating those wonderful, inspiring women around the world.

Inspirational Whisky Women for Int’l Women’s Day

This Friday, I am asking all of you to do just one thing: raise a dram to an inspiring woman in your life.

You see, it’s International Women’s Day – the one day of the year where all women get celebrated in all of their glory and during which more awareness is raised by global charities (such as the fantastic The Girl Effect) about the disparity still faced by young girls and women in all countries.

In honour of the day, I went to the whisky world to ask some of the fantastic Whisky Women two simple questions: what whisky inspires you and what woman inspires you?

The responses have been inspirational and I have had so many I want to share that the piece will be spread over two parts.

I hope the stories and responses below hit a chord with you. Be sure to read to the end to find out about a great competition with Bowmore to celebrate!


Angela D’Orazio: Master Blender, Mackmyra Swedish Whisky:

So many! Most of the time I fall in love with single cask of whisky. Last week, I found a bunch of wonderful 1st-fill 3 year-old smoky quarter casks here in the Bodås mine. Oh my god! Then there is Bruichladdich, Kilchoman, Ardbeg, an older Tomintoul and Glengarioch – rich in aromas and style with great fruitiness. Or Compass Box, Penderyn, Amrut… but the list is long.

Inspiring or not, women in the business are few. Martine Nouet is an inspiration with her lovely food pairings. A pioneering whisky lady of the past, Bessie Williamson at Laphroaig, must have been a strong business woman at times when there were even fewer woman than today.

Outside of the business it’s easier: the late Nina Simone [...]

A chilly night warmed by Berrys’ Whisky

A dram a day keeps the chills away - a night at Berrys' proves warming!
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Drams of 2012: Part 1


It frightens me to write this post. It really does. How – I wonder – is 2012 almost nearing its end?

The year has gone so quickly and the drams have kept on coming. As such, I thought I’d look back at this year of whisky greatness to choose my favourite drams of the past 12 months.

While most lists put together the top 5 or top 10, I’m going somewhere in between and choosing my top 7 drams.

But the question is, do you agree?

I want to know if you’ve tried these drams (or if you’re keen to) and – if the former – what you thought of them. Did you taste others that beat these ones? Get in touch on Twitter (@themisswhisky), in the Comment section below or on email at – and let me know what drams really rocked your 2012.

Without further adieu, here are my first four favourite drams (in order of when this year I sampled them):

Dram #1. – Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy: 46%:

I managed the chance to try this whiskey twice this year – once at an Irish tasting with The Whisky Exchange back in March, and the second time at a dinner (again with The Whisky Exchange) in September. It really stands out in my mind as a perfect all-rounder and a showcase as to why whisky (or, in this case, whiskey) doesn’t only have to come from Scotland to be dram good.

The first time I sampled it, I said the following:

“This was an exceptionally interesting dram to me, especially because it was near the end of the tasting when I find my nose and tastebuds numbing slightly. Notes of citrus fruit, black pepper, lime, crunchy Granny Smith [...]

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Where were you when? Bowmore – 1985

What went on in 1985? Many things, including the casking of the new vintage release from Bowmore!
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Bowmore Small Batch Reserve: Small batch, big taste

A stressful day called for a stress-relieving dram...
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Whisky and Magic with Bowmore

What lurked behind this door? Read on to find out...