Time does funny things. Especially this year. I find myself constantly amazed at how quickly the months are going. It doesn’t help that I am still dating things 2013.

So, it feels that I was just at Dramboree, which happened a month ago on the shores of Loch Lomond. The festival – the second time it’s been held – saw just over 60 whisky loving folks gather for the weekend at a lovely little spot on the shores of the Loch to enjoy innumerable whiskies, masterclasses, fab food and even better company.

Dramboree 2014I didn’t take as many tasting notes this year, preferring to relax into the atmosphere…just take it all in and absorb the memories. Pouring myself a dram of 1965 Port Dundas single grain whisky as the clock struck midnight on my birthday and drinking it out under the stars is one that comes to mind; pulling pork with the Master of Malt crew (who sponsored the Saturday night BBQ) and dancing to 1990s R&B with a group of friends is another.

As always with whisky, it is about so much more than the drink. It is about the events, the memories made, the atmospheres and the people who share it with you that really bring it all to life.

And so, this year I’ve put together a wee video to give you a look behind the scenes at the event. It’s too large a file to put into this post, but the good folks over at YouTube have solved that and you can view it here.

Tickets will go on sale again (and be snapped up very quickly I’m sure) for next year’s event around February, so if you are keen to get in on the fantastic action, be sure to pay attention to the Dramboree website. And, if you want to know more about the founders – Jason B. Standing and Jonny McMillan, check out the feature interview I ran on them in June here.

Thanks to all the seriously hard work of all the organisers, masterclass hosts and food providers. And thanks to so many folks for making my Dramboree (and, therefore, my 29th birthday) so bloody good! A #whiskyfabric toast to you all!