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WhiskyTasting2The focus of my tastings are on getting you to learn something new about whisky if you’re already an experienced lover of drams, or to get you to break down preconceived notions you may have about the drink if you’re new to it. The main goal: get you to love whisky like I do!

  1. Beginner’s Whisky Tasting: I will introduce you to five whiskies from different regions, teaching you about each style and the history of the whiskies and helping you to discover what kind of whisky you prefer. The tasting may include world whiskies (such as Japanese drams) to further widen your whisky exposure.Lasts 90 minutes. For groups of six to 15.
  2. Women’s Only Whisky Tasting: One for the gals who either already love whisky or are apprehensive about it! This will typically include five whiskies to try and include canapés to match with the whisky, which can range from savoury foods such as meat/cheese or sweet treats like chocolate and cake. All options can be discussed and it makes the perfect girls night out or a classy hen party alternative!Events last between 90 minutes to two hours. For groups of six to 10.
  3. Whisky and food pairing: Thought food was only meant to be matched with wine? Think again. Whisky – with its bold flavours and subtle undertones – can be great to try with various foods, from cured meats, to brash cheeses, gooey chocolates, and hot canapés. Five whiskies will be included and a variety of foods will be included, so groups can debate and decide on their favourites.Tastings last around two hours. For groups of six to 12.
  4. Private Whisky Tasting: One for the whisky curious or birthday gal or guy. A private class can be tailored with whiskies of your choosing from a set list, and be for a single person or a couple. Food can be included at an extra cost. Already keen on whisky? I can also tailor a session to discuss whisky in a more in-depth way, looking at the production process and teaching you how to better analyse the tastes and smells associated with various whiskies to deepen you’re knowledge of this fine spirit.Sessions will typically last 90 minutes.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found it to be an engaging and interesting evening. She certainly knew what she was talking about and added a lot of colour and extra information to each whisky we tried. I would definitely recommend an evening in Miss Whisky’s company!”
Alex, event attendee August 2013
“Three friends and I had a great tasting with Miss Whisky. All the whiskies we tasted were great quality, and accompanied by Miss Whisky’s profound knowledge of each dram and its production. A relaxed, fun, informative evening, we will definitely be back for another.”
Darryl, event attendee August 2013
“I was impressed by the background detail and history around each whisky.”
William, event attendee August 2013
“The evening exceeded my expectations: the organisation (including glass mats with numbers, a whisky guide book and feedback form), along with Miss Whisky’s charisma and easygoing style made it so.”
Betania, event attendee April 2013
“I did not think I would have so many questions! And the different mix of whiskies and food pairings kept the evening fresh and it exceeded my expectations.”
David, event attendee April 2013

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