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With the weather in the UK this year being slightly behind schedule, I feel I have not kept up with the changing months as I would normally do. It seems to me that it should only be mid-April, not anywhere near approaching mid-June.

And so, it came as a surprise when I checked my calendar and realised that Father’s Day is already at the end of this week. When did that come around so quickly, I have no idea.

Last year at this time, I was in Canada and was lucky enough to spend a rare father’s day with my father, who I normally find myself a full ocean and rather large country apart from.

This year, it seems a dram shared by Skype will have to suffice for the two of us, but for all of you spending time with your father this coming weekend I have put together a list of some interesting whiskies and whisky-related events I have found which may be of interest to buy or attend with dear old dad to say how much you appreciate him.

First off, over on The Whisky Exchange site, I’ve come across this Bruichladdich 15-year old 2nd Edition, which is selling with a £20 off offer at £49.95. TWE is also offering up the very pleasant Tomatin 12-year old – a lighter, butterscotch, lemon and cake tinged dram which I suggested would be great for summer in this post – is going for £3 off, at £27.65.

Over at Master of Malt, the company’s Father’s Day Whisky Tasting Set comprises five drams at 30ml each with the lovely MoM bottled peated 1990 Balblair and the delicious Yamazaki 18 a part of it. It’ll set you back £34.95, which is more than many a full bottle but it will also allow your dad to try a nice selection of drams.

Royal Mile Whiskies has this triple set of the lovely Glengoyne whiskies on for £19.95 for 3 x 50ml bottles, which includes the 17-year old that has now been discontinued. There is also this Glen Moray 10 year old finished in Chardonnay casks, which looks intriguing (I’ve not had it before but like what the company does) on for £23.95.

Of course, if your dad likes whisky but tends to only stick to Scotch, try getting him this great-looking Japanese whisky set from the Times Whisky Club that features five Japanese drams for £34.45. You never know, you could open up whole new worlds with this buy.

If, however, you buy a bottle every year and want to give something different but stay within the whisky gift range, I recommend the handmade whisky diluting dropper from Angels Share Glass. I loved the whisky angel I received from them (reviewed, here) but if that isn’t something your old man might like, then I really like the craftsmanship that Tom Young puts into making these pot still or thistle topped whisky droppers.

Then, of course, you could buy him tickets to a whisky tasting as something to look forward to in the future. In London, Milroy’s of Soho (responsible for my conversion to whisky) has what sounds like a fantastic evening coming up with one of my firm blended whisky favourites, Compass Box, on the 20 June. In Glasgow, the famed Pot Still will be hosting tastings all day on the 16th with a member of their staff taking people through a set of whiskies of their choice. More details are available on the pub’s Facebook page here or by ringing the pub on 0141 3330980. In Edinburgh, the members’ rooms of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society on Queen Street has an interesting event on the 5 July, which will cover either tasting five whiskies finished in sherry casks or five Sherries, along with a sampling of Spanish canapes.

And, of course, if you’re in London, don’t forget to check out my whisky tastings here. If you get in touch on the Secret Guru site by the 16 June to make a future booking and quote “Father’s Day” in your booking request, I will include an extra dram of something extra-special for each person booked in your tasting group.

Finally, may I just say, whether you get your dad a present or not, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating together (whether in person, on Skype or over the phone) and manage to raise a dram in thanks for any and all the wisdom they have imparted on you. Slainte!