Happy Birthday dog In the grand scheme of things, two years doesn’t seem like a lot. To be fair, two years is still one whole long year short of some new make spirit graduating to whisky status.

But to me two years has felt like, well not quite a lifetime, I won’t get dramatic on you – but a long time.

And that is just what this post is all about. It’s been two years since I first put this post here up on Miss Whisky about Milroy’s of Soho. In some ways, I can’t believe it. But when I look back at all the whiskies I’ve tried, the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, I can hardly believe all of this could have happened in 24 short months.

In that time, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some truly fantastic things and none of that would have been possible without people – the people in the whisky industry who were welcoming to me, the people who spoke to me for this blog and – most importantly – the people who took the time to stop by, to read what I had to say, to give me feedback and to help me know I wasn’t just talking to a computer screen. In short: it is you, dear reader, who I thank wholeheartedly.

In fact, I’m feeling so emotional writing this that I’m going to include this picture so that I can focus on laughter rather than blubbing!

2nd birthday image

Ah, that made me laugh. Right, now, where was I? Oh yes, saying thank you.

So this year, I decided I would need to step up to the plate and say thank you. And in order to do that, I’m running a rather juicy competition.


The kind folks at Drinks by the Dram are offering up a rather fabulous whisky advent calendar just in time to get you in the mood for the Christmas drinking season. It includes 24 brilliant, 3cl samples of whisky hidden behind a new door for each day leading up to Christmas – why this hadn’t been invented years ago, I’ll never know!

All you have to do in order to win this calendar worth £149.95 is answer this short question and email your answer to info@misswhisky.com with the subject line: DRINKS BY THE DRAM COMPETITION by the 18th November.

The question is as follows:

Q: At what London whisky shop did Miss Whisky first fall in love with whisky?

The competition is open to anyone over 18, living in a country where Master of Malt ships its products to so make sure you check out this link before you enter.

And, most importantly, thank you. It’s been a pleasure!