More frequently, I’m noticing that whisky lovers are being given the chance to have an input into what whiskies are bottled by companies or are at least being given the chance to be more involved with their activities.

Earlier this year, for instance, Glenmorangie ran a campaign where people could choose which cask would be bottled and what name it would be given, allowing for a huge amount of input from the public.

All in all, I think it is an excellent way for brands to get engagement from us customers – it’s a bit like a ‘choose your own adventure’ novel, where you can have a real input in the final outcome.

Following on this trend, is The Glenlivet – which earlier this year ran the Glenlivet Alpha campaign, in which master distiller Alan Winchester gave a set of clues as to a mystery bottling from the distillery. This time, the Glenlivet Guardians (the online members club for fans of the brand) will get to choose the next cask.

Glenlivet GuardiansThe company has an extensive site for Guardians members that describes each of the whiskies in detail. As a quick run-down, there are three choices: Classic (fruity with soft, sweet caramel and toffee notes); Exotic (rich, warm and spicy); and, Revival (fruity with a creamy sweetness).

Outside of the website, the company is also running events worldwide (Australia, USA, UK, India, South Africa and Japan) where members of the Guardians will have the opportunity to come together and sample them in person.

In December, the winning cask will be announced and 2000, 9 litre cases will be bottled for the global market to be released from February.

I’m curious to get your thoughts on this style of whisky marketing – do you get involved? Do you feel like you’re making a real impact on the choices of a whisky company by doing so? Feel free to leave your comments in the comment box below.