Tea cups at the Marie Curie whisky tea party


It’s been a busy few weeks over here at Miss Whisky. Just when I thought things might quiet down for the summer, they picked up more than ever. This has partially been due to a plethora of events happening in the whisky industry here in London and due to the fact I was running around like a mad chicken organising a whisky tea party in aid of Marie Curie.

And so, this is just a wee piece to say thanks to all of you who came out last weekend, who supported with encouraging tweets and retweets about in the lead-up to event on Twitter, wrote about it on your own sites, provided silent auction prizes and generally helped me make sure that the event was a success.

Over the past week, I’ve been reflecting on it all and am feeling incredibly humbled by all of the generosity that came from so many of you. If you managed to catch any of the pieces I wrote on here in the past few weeks, you’ll know Marie Curie Cancer Care and the work it does sits dear to my heart, and that’s why I’m so pleased to say that because of all of your generosity, we will have together raised upwards of £1500 with the addition of Gift Aid.


To say I’m over the moon is an understatement.

I’d also like to send out a huge thanks to Glengoyne whisky for ensuring that I had donated whisky stock for the event. They provided a few bottles of their limited edition Teapot Dram, which was bottled the very week of the event! The whisky is normally only available at the distillery and, as a cask-strength whisky matured in first-fill sherry casks, is a whopper of a dram.

Additionally, I need to give another big shout out to the team at Opium Bar in Chinatown. The team there not only ensured the day went smoothly but that the cocktails made out of the Teapot dram were not only delicious but that they were classically served up in tea cups to continue the tea party theme!

Finally, all of you who made it down will know how fabulous the entertainment was on the day, so to Aline Stoffel and Marcos Vianna I also extend my wholehearted gratitude. If you couldn’t make it, I can’t recommend you checking out her singing pronto – she’s a star!

And so, it’s now back to the regular schedule here at Miss Whisky towers. Expect many more pieces about events, new whiskies and the fabulous people who are a part of this incredible industry.

And, huge thanks to you all. You’ve made a major difference in the lives of so many people around the UK and I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it all!

With thanks to Jon Bryant of LivingRoom Whisky and Dave Worthington of Whisky Discovery for additional images.

For more information on Marie Curie Cancer Care and the work it does, visit: http://mariecurie.org.uk/

To donate to the cause, head to my Just Giving page here: www.justgiving.com/miss-whisky

For further details on Glengoyne whisky, head here: http://www.glengoyne.com

To know more about Opium Bar in London’s China Town visit: http://www.opiumchinatown.com/

To listen to and know more about the fabulous Aline Stofell click here: http://alinestoffel.com/