I always enjoy attending the whisky festivals put on by The Whisky Lounge, which tend to offer a relaxed, open and fun environment in which to taste whisky.

As my third time attending the company’s London whisky festival – this year held in Hackney at the Oval Space – I was keen to get along on the Sunday (it’s normally a two-day weekend event) when I knew various bands made up of members of the whisky community would be playing.

With a selection of relaxed tunes, jazzy numbers and rich soul-led songs from each of the bands, the day’s features did not disappoint.

Rather unusually for me, I did not take a plethora of tasting notes on the drams I sampled, but instead relaxed with a few, caught up with many of the #whiskyfabric community and tried to capture the spirit on video.

And so, in follow-up to my last video round-up (of the Spirit of Speyside whisky festival), here’s my video round-up of The Whisky Lounge’s London Weekender. Head behind the scenes, get a feel for what the York-based company – the brainchild of Eddie and Amanda Ludlow – is all about, and be sure to put it in your diary for next year!