Original HROriginal: 40%: £29

(c): Light straw

(n): The classic Glenmorangie – I almost always have a bottle of this at home for one of my easy-drinking malts. Lots of pear, apple and honey; gentle, not too sweet but pleasingly so and summery.

(p): Initial hit of pears and vanilla, which turns to a richer warming slightly gingered note after a few seconds on palate. On second sip, fresh apples off a tree and a bit of orange peel. Easy to sip, lots to enjoy.

(f): Apple blossom honey

Classic, easy drinking whisky but still with lots of layers. A very affordable malt (I’ve picked it up for £25 from supermarkets before) and one I’ll almost certainly always keep on my shelf.



18 YO Bottle and Box18 year old: 43%: £82

(c): Bright gold

(n): Rich peaches and apricots come forth for me at first, before some lovely pear drops, pineapple and coconut notes. Really inviting if you like those flavour profiles.

(p): Slightly malty, but then smoothly transitions to pineapple and a tropical fruit haven with threads of vanilla bean and chocolate giving it depth. Very inviting and warming; would love to keep this in my cupboard as a regular dram too if I could afford the price point.

(f): Just a dash of something smoky, with a note of bubblegum wrappers.

An absolutely stellar dram for me, fitting right in there with those tropical fruit notes I love. Saving up to buy this one for certain.



Glenmorangie SignetSignet: 46%: £120

(c): Burnt orange

(n): This one becomes a bit heavier and darker on the nose, leading to more sticky toffee and brown sugar notes, rather than the fresher, tropical fruits of the first two. Some nice baked oranges and lots of spun sugar come through after.

(p): Wow! What a transition. Used to the first two, my palate went woosh when I tried this. Much more acidic, led by juicy Seville oranges, dark chocolate and just a hint of raisiny sherry make this a darker, richer, fuller dram.

(f): Wet cardboard and orange boxes

Not my favourite – prefer the more traditional Glenmo notes but one for someone who enjoys those plus a helping of richer tastes. Note the great packaging.

Quinta Ruban: 46%: £42

(c): Rosewood

(n): Lots of sweet, floral notes (roses for me) push through here. Bit sharper alcohol wise (not something I notice on the others) but below that, lots of soft red berry fruits (I got some plump raspberries and strawberries personally).

(p): A mix of sour and sweet: almost a green apple note, with strawberry laces and a dash of tobacco. Second sip takes me to a more vanilla space, along with some fruity chocolate (cranberries and dark chocolate maybe?).

(f): Tobacco and roses

Beautiful colour, lots of bite and nice notes. Still can’t beat the 18 for me though.