Recently, I wrote about a new independent single cask whisky company on the block called Lady of the Glen, which you can read all about here.

In short, the company was started by Gregor Hannah (who is also a bagpiper) in Fife. He will be bottling only single cask whiskies and currently has two to offer in his range: a 24-year old Invergordon and a 14-year old Benrinnes.

As I have written about before, I am a big fan of single cask whiskies (or, at least the ones I am familiar with) and normally experience them through the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. I was, therefore, intrigued to learn of a young whisky aficionado who had spent three years setting up his own single cask bottling company.

I have tried both of his first whisky releases and here are my thoughts on each.

Invergordon: 24-year old: 56%:

(c): Golden mustard

(n): To start, there was LOADS of vanilla and cream, akin to chewy vanilla pods that are desperate to jump right out of the glass. When I added water to help ease that 56% bite, notes of milk chocolate came through in addition.

(p): This was a really spicy whisky without any water (not entirely a surprise) with loads of ginger and lemon flavours. Without water, it wasn’t as multidimensional as I might have expected but it was pleasant. With water, a lovely oiliness came to the surface and there were notes of vanilla, chewy lemon peel and fleshy fruits. It was much easier to handle with water but had a touch of a bitterness that I’m not a massive fan of – but I am really sensitive to any bitter notes, so this will be heightened on my palate.

(f): Without water, this had a thick gingerbread and licorice finish but with water, that heavy flavour eased and more fruity, peach notes came through.

BenRinnes: 14-year-old: 57.8%:

(c): Amber sunset

(n): This was very intriguing – a mix of cherries, a hint of cough syrup, oak, milk chocolate, vanilla, lemon and coconut: a full basket of ripe flavours even without water.

(p): On the palate, it was slightly drying and there was a tiny note of sulphur in there too. It was really fruity with apple, peach, fig and milk chocolate notes. I would never guess it was so strong, as the alcohol burn really didn’t come through in this one. I thought it was delicious but it could be a bit divisive with that touch of sulphur taste lingering in the background.

(f): The finish was all about dried apples. A perfect dessert!