Victoria Whisky Festival

Delicious combos: Bowmore & Chocolate

The new Bowmore flavoured chocolate: a match made in palate heaven?
May 5th, 2014|Reviews|1 Comment|

Seafood & Whisky: Two Pursuits of Passion

Seafood & whisky: two impeccable products in both taste and production.
April 2nd, 2014|Events, Features|2 Comments|

Whisky Cast In-Depth Interview

Whisky Cast: February 23, 2014 Episode

Chatting Canadian Whisky with Davin de Kergommeaux

Davin de Kergommeaux: a passionate Canadian whisky advocate.
February 7th, 2014|Features, Interviews|0 Comments|

Victoria Whisky Festival 2014: Masterclass Beauties

The Victoria Whisky Festival 2014 showcased some fantastic whiskies. Miss Whisky checked them out.
February 3rd, 2014|Reviews|0 Comments|

Victoria Whisky Festival 2014: Round-Up

The 9th Victoria Whisky Festival: a palpably energetic festival of the best kind.
January 31st, 2014|Events, Features|2 Comments|

Victoria Times Colonist: Whisky: Not Just a Man’s Drink

WhiskyFest Around Town

CTV News: Victoria Whisky Festival – Women & Whisky Feature

CTV News Arts & Lifestyle Feature: Victoria Whisky Festival

The Queen of Victoria’s Whisky Festivals

I find out the history of the Victoria Whisky Festival in this interview with founder Iain Hooey.