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Jenny Karlsson

 “It is such an exciting industry to be involved in; one day truly never is the same as the other.” – Jenny Karlsson



Jenny Karlsson is the new regional sales manager for Wemyss Malts. She was previously at Springbank where she worked for two and a half years after completing her degree in brewing and distilling at Heriot Watt University.
Here she talks about her decision to move into the world of whisky, what she enjoys most about her role and why a hip flask is always recommended for long hikes.



How did you get involved in the world of whisky?

My dad is an Islay whisky lover and tried to get me hooked on whisky at the young age of 18, however he gave me a dram of Lagavulin and this was not exactly a gentle introduction! I thought all whiskies tasted like a hospital on fire until a few years later when I tried a Highland Park 18 year old and realised what the fuss is all about.

I have always been interest in the biology of food and drink production and so when I came across the Brewing and Distilling degree at Heriot Watt University I was delighted. While studying I worked at the Whisky Shop in Edinburgh and met many like-minded friends in the industry.

Was there a specific dram that made you passionate about whisky?

I can’t name one, however the history behind Scottish single malt and the biology that goes on during the production process is so interesting that I can’t help but being fascinated with this drink.

You’ve recently moved from Springbank to Wemyss Malts. How has the shift been?

Emotional and exciting! I lived in Campbeltown for two and a half years [...]

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Jenny Karlsson

Jenny Karlsson, Regional Sales Manager, Wemyss Malts
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Susan Colville

I enjoy whisky tastings and masterclasses the most as you can really see when people start to “get” whisky. When you see the lightbulb moment, where they have found a whisky that has totally blown them away. It’s such a joy…” – Susan Colville


Susan Colville is the regional sales manager at independent bottling company, Wemyss Malts in Edinburgh. She has been voted Whisky Magazine’s “Icons of Scotland Young Whisky Ambassador of the year 2012” and has worked in various roles in the industry, including as a tour guide at Glenfarclas.




How did you get involved in the world of whisky?

I grew up in Rothes, in the heart of Speyside, and my father worked at Glenrothes distillery for 33 years so whisky has always been a part of my life. My first job was as a tour guide at Glenfarclas distillery. I studied French at university and saw guiding as a way to practice my language skills during the holidays.

What made you want to continue working in this industry?

The longer I worked as a tour guide (two seasons and Glenfarclas and two seasons at Glenfiddich), the more interested I became in whisky. I attended a nosing and tasting evening hosted by The Whisky Shop Dufftown (led by Ian Millar of Glenfiddich), and it made me realise that I wanted to work in the industry full time as I was fascinated by the subject.

What dram made you passionate about the drink?

Glenfiddich Solera reserve 15-year-old straight from the Solera vat at Glenfiddich. It was a defining moment, where I realised how complex and fascinating whisky could be.

You have been selected as Young Whisky Ambassador for 2012. How did this feel?

It was a great sense of achievement [...]

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Susan Colville

Susan Colville, Regional Sales Manager, Wemyss Malts