No matter how many new years I see come into being, I still cannot help but get a wee bit misty-eyed whenever it happens. Like a good single malt, it melts my heart…

And so, I begin this new year with a whole lot of excited butterflies flitting around in my belly about the new whiskies I hope to try and events I hope to cover, and a heart of thanks to all those who have helped me get this site started and supported me these past months.

You see, the whisky industry is made up of one of the most welcoming groups of people I have come across in a long time. Maybe, in fact, ever. Since I started muttering back in March at a women’s only whisky tasting at the Albannach Bar & Restaurant to people like Cat Spencer (from the Albannach) and Penderyn’s Gillian Macdonald about my plans to start this site, to when I headed out to meet people trying to do something different (such as the chaps from Connsr who organised the Pure Festival and Mark Thomson who heads up the Dramatic Whisky tastings or restaurants such as Benares which are trying to show the scope of whisky’s food and drink matching possibilities), to when I tried some incredible drams at this year’s TWE Whisky Fest, I have only met incredibly inviting and kind people who have helped me on my way. You’ve shared contacts, put me on the right track to finding great profile subjects, taught me a load more about whisky I didn’t yet know and read my work.

So, to all of you I say a big thank you. I cannot wait to keep learning about this ever-changing, ever-exciting spirit and to keep reporting on the great events that are happening here in London and (hopefully) some of those going on in Scotland too of course!

After a bit of a Christmas break, I have loads in the bag so stay tuned as I will soon be posting profiles on some of the fantastic women working in the industry under my “Whisky Women” profile section, along with adding loads more reviews, on whiskies such as the Yamazaki 12, Old Pulteney Wk209 and Highland Park ’98, to name but a few.

Here’s a “virtual” cheers to you and the new year (a few days late I know, but I may have had too many lovely drams on NYE to function until today).


I cannot wait to see what the industry will do – it’s a tough time economically for a lot of people living in Britain (and many parts of the world just now) but it really feels like whisky is having its big moment right now. And I’m so proud to be a part of it and for having such wonderful people welcome me under their wings and allow me to learn about something I love.